Need to know how to pack your Balikbayan Box and other items?

Read on below for our "How-To's" on packing.

Our How-To's on Packing

"How-To" pack your Balikbayan Box?

1. Choose the right box for the size of your shipment.

                    A. Under-filled boxes may collapse

                    B. Overloaded boxes may burst.

                    C. Avoid using damaged containers or boxes.

                    D. Use a new box.

                    E. Boxes usually soften after 2weeks.

2. Packing

                    A. Apply three strips to both the top and bottom flaps of the box.

                    B. For security purposes, do not put tape all over your box.

                    C. Fill empty spaces with crumpled newspaper or Styrofoam fillers to secure contents and prevent movement of goods inside the box during shipping.

                    D. Liquids/Oil/Powder

                                        • Store liquids in leak-free containers sealed in plastic bags.

                                        • Add sufficient absorbent material in case of cracking.

                                        • Pack semi-liquids, greases and strong smelling products in durable tins tightly sealed with heavy-duty adhesive tape.

                                        • Place powder in a securely sealed heavy-duty plastic bag.

                                        • Position bottles that contain liquids upright. Use an inner seal and perforated breakaway cap. The inner packaging must be able to contain leaks.

                                        • In case of leakage, place goods that might be affected by dirt, water inside a plastic bag.

                                        • Seal semi-liquids, greasy or strong-smelling substances with adhesive tape and wrap in grease-resistant paper

                                        • Place powders and fine grains in strong plastic bags, securely sealed and then packed in a rigid fiberboard box.

                                        • Secure fragile and breakable items with bubble wrap and place in the center of the box.

                                        • Put "Arrow Up" markings for non-solid materials.

                    E. Sharp Objects

                                        • All objects with sharp edges must be properly padded to avoid perforating or puncturing the box.

                                        • Small items such as screws, nuts, etc. must be combined and sealed in a plastic bag.

                    F. Electronics

                                        • Original packaging of the electronic equipment is always recommended.

                    G. Avoid using masking tape, rope, string or wrapping paper to seal your box.

                    H. Do not forget to put the tracking number stickers given to you on all four sides of the box.

                    I. Submit your packing list.

                    J. Make sure you have fully paid your boxes. No full payment = no box delivery.

3. Labelling

                    A. To ensure accurate routing and prompt delivery of your boxes, make sure you have included the COMPLETE details of the recipient such as:

                                        • Name

                                        • Contact Number

                                        • Apartment or unit number

                                        • Building name

                                        • Street

                                        • City

                                        • Province

                                        • Postal Code

                    B. Remove or cross out old labels or markings on a used box.

                    C. We do not provide special instruction stickers. Put special handling for packages with "Fragile", package orientation, or any other similar markings.

                                        • "UP" arrows

                                        • "This End Up" Markings

                    D. An extra address label placed inside the package is a good precaution.

                    E. All boxes must be sealed before the pick up schedule, but remember that they can be opened by Customs authorities for inspection.

4. Strapping

                    A. Strapping is an ideal way to strengthen your shipment.

                    B. We do not offer this service but you can ask our drivers regarding this.

5. Pick up schedule

                    A. We only need ONE Day in advance for empty box delivery or box pick-up schedule.

                                        • E-mail

                                        • Call +65 6738 9695

                                        • Online booking click here

                                        • SMS +65 8180 1787 or +65 9720 4278

                    B. Loading deadlines:

                                        • every ______

                                        • every ______

6. Tracking your box

                    A. Estimated delivery of your boxes will start on the sailing day of your shipment, not on the pick up date.

                    B. You can track your box by clicking here

                    C. Transit Times:

                                        • Metro Manila - 2 weeks

                                        • Luzon - 3-4 weeks

                                        • Visayas - 4-6 weeks

                                        • Mindanao - 4-6 weeks